​​Gary Simpson

*Member NFCA
*USA/ACE Coaching Certified
*Softball Excellence e-Certification 1-7
*17 Years Coaching 8U-18U
*Coaches Premier Level Teams
*Certified Fitness Instructor
*AED/CPR Certified
*Founder of Bandits NC in 2007

In 2007, we started with one 8U team as the Davie Bandits. We never imagined that in our 14th year we would be at the point we are now. A big dream and a lot of hard work has taken our organization to the national level. We are playing and competing with the top tier teams from across the nation and our level of play is right in the mix. Our players are receiving major attention and we have verbal commitments from D-I to D-III level University & College programs. As we grow we are welcoming players from around the region. Bandits NC now represent players and teams from NC, SC, VA, PA, IL, KS & GA. This speaks volumes for our organization as we continue making our way in the softball community.

Our dedication to our players and families have been the driving force in making things happen. Our dedicated players and families make our job easier and rewarding.

We look forward to continuing our efforts with our programs. Life lessons, friendships and dedication is what this is all about.

Coach Gary

-Your talent is Gods gift...what you do with it is your gift back!